The Knees Woodland

Perhaps one of the more exciting recent developments, is the Knees project by the Woodland Team. The Knees boasts several exciting woodland walks which lead off from the main car park.

The team have been busy building a new Ranger Station to accommodate a small display of items found in these historical military woodlands. The group will be organising special events throughout the year, to run parallel with the railway events.

Rain or shine… the Knees has to be discovered!


The Knees Woodland is over 350 years old, it contains a water tank which was once used to refill the steam engines and WW2 trenches which are due to be restored. At the right time of year The Knees is carpeted with Blue Bells.

The Knees is an ideal place to take a leisurely stroll around our woodland walks or sit and take in the sites and sounds of the woodland.


Ranger Woody will make appearances throughout the year.


We have been working hard to create visit worksheets/packs that are closely linked to the national curriculum to make your school/group visit both educational and fun. At this time we can offer educational visits that incorporates problem solving, history, team building.

More activities and worksheets will be added over the coming months.