The East Kent Railway is a registered charity, which was formed in November 1985 with the intention of preserving and operating the remaining section of the line as a working museum railway.

Membership of the Railway entitles you to receive the railway’s magazine, “EKR News” and join the volunteers on site helping bring the East Kent Railway back to life. Volunteers do not have to have specialist railway knowledge as there is a wide variety of work to be done.

Training will be given where required, so whether you are a budding painter, carpenter, clerk or train driver, you will be very welcome. As Colonel Stephens used to say: `Support The Local Line’

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East Kent Railway is a registered charity, therefore you can claim Give Aid on your membership payment.  If you are a UK Taxpayer, please click the link below to claim Gift Aid. After you have submitted your details you will be forwarded back to this page.


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Volunteering: Volunteers follow a short induction programme before starting work at the EKRT. Volunteers work (and are trained) in all areas of the railway including Engineering, Site Work, Catering, Retail, Events, Publicity, Train Service Operations and more.

If you would be interested in learning more about volunteering, please contact form.